Another piece of the puzzle that is Riverton history

Ok, so it’s not a confirmation that a founder’s home was a station on the Underground Railroad, but it’s a piece, nonetheless.

HSR members Jill and Hank Croft recently gave us another example of things that aren’t there anymore in these undated photos of Klipple’s Fine Pastries.

The Klipple family’s business was in the building at Broad and Main now occupied by Orange Blossom Bakery and Cafe, Milanese Pizza (2022)

I had only mentioned in a September blog post that a photo of that bakery was one requested by our web visitors.

This excerpt from Betty Hahle’s booklet that accompanied the Romance of Riverton, a 1926 film turned to DVD in 1989, explains earlier incarnations of that spot.

1911 Riverton Sanborn map detail
1911 Riverton Sanborn map detail

The small building on the corner (formerly Klipple’s, now Zena’s Patisserie ) was erected by the Gas Company in 1900, became the Railway Express office (in 1926 moved to 1st floor Price Bldg.) and is seen here very briefly as a butcher/grocery store. Although directories identify it as Riverton Market House at this time, it was occupied very briefly by Ludlow’s Market, and identified as such by Paul Gibbon who, as a boy, made deliveries for Ludlow.

Carl McDermott, 2013
Carl McDermott, 2013

In this 2011 blog post Carl McDermott recalled how his mother was a telephone operator in the upper story of the attached structure to the left of Klipple’s (toward Palmyra).

If a reader can date the photos, please advise.

We are still seeking any photos of the Sharon Shop when it was a favorite lunch spot for Riverton students and teachers, among others. Wishing has worked so far. – JMc

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