January newsletters will go out tomorrow

Stuffing envelopes tonight at my dining room table in preparation for mailing out tomorrow the Gaslight News January issue #168.

Some 26 of the 123 names on the roster also get a reminder to please pay dues for 2017.

Oops! One of them is for me.



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John McCormick

Teacher at Riverton School 1974-2019, author, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member 2007-2023, newsletter editor 2007-2023, website editor 2011-2023

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  1. Here is what I found. William Bucky Reeves went to school in Riverside. Lived in East Riverton in 1940. A naturalist employed for a time at the Philadelphia Zoo, he traveled throughout the US giving talks. Colin Cattell bought a color slide by photographer Bucky Reeves and gave it to the Society. I saw a 2011 forum post online by Sheila in which she mentioned having 1,000 slides taken by Bucky Reeves. If there are more old slides of Riverton, I’d like to see them. One news clipping I found (The Billboard, 1943) refers to him operating a private zoo near Riverton, NJ, but I have not been able to confirm that with our online collection of local newspapers. We welcome more information about William Freeman “Bucky” Reeves. Might be some more Riverton history in there. -JMc

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