Holy Riverton history! Sunday PowerPoint chronicles beginning and development of Calvary Church

The New Era, Oct 6, 1949, p1
Prominent Philadelphia architect John Fraser designed the original church and was one of Calvary’s founders.

Riverton’s rich history is no more evident than in the origins of its houses of worship.

Calvary Presbyterian Church was already 75 years old when this article appeared in The New Era, Riverton’s hometown newspaper.

Everyone is invited to a history talk as part of the church service at Calvary Presbyterian Church, 300 Fourth Street, Riverton on July 9th at 10 AM.  The PowerPoint talk will include all the early people of the church, which was founded in 1874 here in Riverton.

Find more photos of Calvary Presbyterian Church, as well as others, on our page Riverton Churches. We welcome more images of Riverton’s places of worship.

Thanks to HSR Board member, Pat Brunker for this notice.

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