Past celebrations remain vivid for former resident

Former resident and PHS grad, Ed Shoemaker, recently found our July 4, 2011 post and left a poignant comment.

In it, he articulates the sweet nostalgia that memories of Riverton can arouse even though years later and miles away.

Riverton’s Fourth of July was a major event as I, my brother and sister grew up on Lippincott Ave. We marched or rode bicycles or in dog-pulled wagons during all of our childhood years. As a drummer in the PHS band it was a thrill to march down Broad Street anticipating all the events afterward. Wish I could be there to see it all again.

Will you settle for some photos, Ed?

Here are some photos of Riverton’s 2017 July 4th celebration by Gary R. Weart, another fan of Riverton and a great friend of the Society.  – JMc

See many more on the Riverton July 4th Facebook page.

We invite readers to say “hi” to Ed or Gary, or add your own remembrance of Riverton here. Include a captioned photo, if you wish.  That dog pulling a wagon would be something to see! -JMc

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