Four-decade old newsletters chronicle formative years of the Society; Help needed to locate lost issues

Here is the next batch of scanned newsletters.

Gaslight News:
February 1980 
November 1979
September 1979
May 1979
February 1979

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Editor’s Note: The pages of these newsletters chronicle the early days of the Historical Society of Riverton.

Gaslight News binders

A previous post noted that the research and historical preservation efforts of many pioneering HSR members have given us the understanding we now have of Riverton history.

Much of that history is recorded in about 180 issues of the Society’s newsletter (thru May 2019).

Shortly after I took on the job of editor in September 2007, I set out to scan back issues of our newsletter. I was disappointed to find many issues missing from the file cabinet in the Riverton Library basement in which they were stored.

Luckily, former HSR President and newsletter editor Betty Hahle had her own duplicate files. She let me borrow copies that were missing, but there were still gaps in the full publication run of the Historical Society’s own newsletter.

Further rummaging through our storage area in the basement of Riverton Library yielded a manila folder full of newsletters that had belonged to Mrs. Joan Hartmann. Its contents filled in a few more missing pieces of the Gaslight News record.

The first eight single-page issues written by then-president Marilyn Colozzi proved to be elusive for a while more, but now, even those take their place in this archive of newsletter back issues.

Only two more, dated January and November 2006, remain missing. Please contact the Society if you are able to help in completing this important record of those first formative years of the Historical Society of Riverton. – JMc

Revised: 7-9-2019


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