These early issues provide a glimpse into a HSR under Betty Hahle’s leadership

In October 1976, the Historical Society of Riverton almost dissolved.  Starting in December 1977, under President and Editor Betty Hahle’s leadership, the Society continued to offer activities and programs, expanded the newsletter from its previous one-page format, and pursued historic preservation projects.

In these issues follow the organization’s efforts to save the gaslights from extinction and preserve the film “Romance of Riverton.”  Read the first of Betty Hahle’s informative “Yesterday” articles. She went on to produce over 100 of her signature historical essays from 1977 – 2001.

Gaslight News:
December 1977
May 1978
September 1978
December 1978

Click here to see more back issues of the Gaslight News.

Editor’s Note: If I can locate it, I will post that Charles Stonaker interview mentioned in the Dec. ’77 issue.  Is there anything mentioned in these early issues about which you would like to know more? -JMc

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