3 thoughts on “Vick’s Vaporub a virus treatment?”

  1. I think I’m one of a chosen few who actually enjoyed the odor of Vick’s. Mom would put it at the base of our nostrils, run it on our chests. That is if she wasn’t using a mustard plaster. Used for the worst of colds and coughs

    1. Tom
      It’s great to see you return. I agree – I loved the smell of Vaporub as a child. It did open up my air passages, but I don’t think it would substitute for a ventilator during this pandemic. It has sure shut down our activities here. Stay safe, my friend. As a Parry descendant, I thought you’d like to see this scanned page from an 1869 Harper’s Weekly that I bought on eBay. https://rivertonhistory.com/william-parry-harpers-weekly-july-3-1869-copy-2/ Scroll down below the picture and find the link to a larger image.
      John McCormick, Editor

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