Snow pix wanted

I took this gaslamp by the Yacht Club photo in 2019.

Hearing the forecast for snow on Sunday, I asked on our Facebook page if anyone could please take some photos that I could post on our page.

Mark Still kindly sent in this misty photo of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge. A brilliant photo of the same bridge taken by Mark in 2017 serves to introduce the PALMYRA, NJ section of our IMAGES page.

Tacony Palmyra Bridge, by Mark Still 1-31-2021










We should wake up to a beautiful snowscape on Tuesday morning. We have more room.

Just sayin’. -JMc, Editor

by Susan Dechnik 2-7-2021

2-8-2021: This just in from my former grade partner,  monarch butterfly enthusiast, and avid gardener, Mrs. Susan Dechnik.



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