Request for info on Tac-Pal Bridge engineer Ralph Modjeski

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge & ferry RPPC. CREDIT: Paul W. Schopp Collection

Passing along this request from Rick Spector, a Philadelphia-based producer of short videos about Philadelphia history:

Hello, Historical Society of Riverton,
I am doing research on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and its chief engineer Ralph Modjeski. Mr. Modjeski also built the Ben Franklin Bridge. He is sadly largely lost to history today. I am looking to interview people who have anecdotes about the bridges, or if I should get really lucky, a story about Mr. Modjeski himself.

My website is  I would greatly appreciate it if you would circulate my information request.

Thanks- Rick Spector

You asked for it – you got it. (too young for that reference?)

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