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We are so pleased when a reader contributes images or information that further develops a story. We just received this email from HSR member Mary M. Flanagan:

I saw an article in the Gaslight News recently asking for information on the former service station at 515 Main St. after it passed to John “Jack” Reynolds. I contacted Allen Reynolds who is a son of Jack’s to see if he could contribute any information. Below is what Allen sent to me.

    Reynolds Service Station photo from Mary Flanagan
  • Prior to 1947 – Charles T. Woolston was the original owner. My father was employee.
  • Sept 1947 – Woolston and my father went into partnership (Woolston and Reynolds Service Station).
  • Sept 1959 – Woolston opted out of partnership. My father bought Woolston out (Reynolds Service Center).
  • However, Woolston continued to own the building, leasing it to my father.
  • Jan 1980 – My father dies. I keep business. With my father’s death, building lease expires. I have to purchase it to keep business operating.
  • 1986 – Business closed. Building sold to Robert S. Moccia Enterprises, Inc.

That was wonderful of Mary to track down this photo and information. I had to look carefully at that photo in case our old Ford Torino was in there as I often dropped off our car there for service on my way to Riverton School.

Regular visitors may recall Mary’s contribution of scans of remarkable family photos and postcards that I have previously used to illustrate website and newsletter articles. She gave us images of some people, things, and places that literally have no other representation in our records, so in that regard they are priceless. Here are three articles:

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