Before & After: Discoveries in Historic Preservation, a presentation by Dan Campbell, 7pm Thurs., April 21, 2022

Daniel Campbell, AIA, is a widely recognized multi-state licensed architect whose specialty is the restoration and preservation of historic architecture. He is also a past HSR president and former Gaslight News editor.

During his eighteen years in Riverton, Mr. Campbell restored and rehabilitated his residence at 16 Carriage House Lane while designing four new residences.

Dan was part of the Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation Project Team that completed the restoration of the Riverton Yacht Club. The project won a 2001 NJ State Historic Preservation Project Award.

In 1999, after several years of careful and exhaustive research by Society members and the Borough led by Daniel Campbell, Keith Betten, and Betty Hahle, the National Register of Historic Places designated Riverton Historic District.

Mr. Campbell’s 40-slide PowerPoint incorporates many detailed drawings and photos of projects he has executed over his career in PA, NJ (including Riverton), DE, MD, & SC.

A phone call today confirmed that masks are not required for this event, but anyone may wear one if they wish.

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