The HRC returns – is it a sporting match or a philanthropic endeavor? Emphatically YES!

The 11th Annual HRC is Sunday, June 12th!

This year it benefits the Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation, an effort to raise money to ensure the pier, which holds the Riverton Yacht Club, remains safe and intact for years to come.

USA Cycling races (Women’s Novice/4, Men Masters 40+, Men 3/4, Women P/1/2/3, men P/1/2), kids races 7-9yrs.

Tee shirts, cowbells, Mama’s Meatballs, Mobile Madison, Tricycle Cafe, Dj Big Daddy Blake and crew!

Please leave your comments below and give some loves on Facebook to Carlos Rogers, the originator of the Historic Riverton Criterium, for bringing this exciting family-friendly event to Riverton in 2011. (We don’t talk about 2020.)

Carlos Rogers has quite literally made history in Riverton in more ways than one. Besides bringing back a new era of competitive bicycling to Riverton after more than a century’s absence, perhaps no other individual in Borough history has proven to be a more generous donor to worthy local causes than he has – over $40,000 so far.

Just search “criterium” in the box at the lower left and see more posts about the race and the extraordinary generosity of Carlos Rogers.

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