Truly history in the making – Schwering’s Hardware celebrates 100 years Sun., Sept. 23

Facebook likes and comments are all fine, but the best thing we can do to wish the owners of Schwering’s Hardware Store well would be to patronize the store.

Seriously, go buy something.

Schwering Hardware, possibly first ad in Palmyra Weekly News, Sept 22, 1922

This may be one of the first advertisements published to announce the opening of Harry C. Schwering’s “NEW HARDWARE STORE.” Harry’s store was a “SERVICE” store, and it remains so after a century in business.

Through a Great Depression and recessions, a World War and other wars, Watergate, 9/11, and a pandemic this family-owned hometown treasure has endured, even outlasting corporate big box stores like Rickel’s and Channel’s.

As we stated in a 2014 post: Isn’t Schwering’s Hardware the best? People have been finding quality products and first-rate service there since it opened its doors in 1922 as Schwering’s Wayside Hardware. Knowledgeable advice and neighborhood news are a bonus.

ad for Schwering, Picturesque Palmyra

Our 2011 post about Picturesque Palmyra, a small booklet meant to promote Palmyra’s real estate, featured an ad for H.C. Schwering. At the time of its publication in 1923, Schwering’s had only been open for a few months.

It looked much like this.

Schwering’s 1920s

Founder Henry Schwering opened Schwering’s Hardware in 1922. Through the years, it passed down to Richard Schwering, Steven Schwering, and now to Kyle Siemietkoski.

Schwering 4 generations

This past May, we recognized Sue and Steve Schwering for this milestone. Now in the capable hands of Kyle, a great-grandson of the founder and nephew to Steve, this cherished hometown treasure starts its second century of service.

The celebration begins at 11 am through 3 pm on Sunday, September 25th. Come out, and enjoy the food, ice cream, cake, giveaways, music, and more, while supplies last. Also, all of their apparel will be 10% off.

As you recall your experience or share memories of Schwering’s Hardware with others there tomorrow, please leave your comments below or on Facebook so that they become part of the story here.

Schwering local newspaper ads


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