Gaslight News – November 2011

  • HSR President Gerald Weaber appeals to members to support Marking Time in Riverton, an ambitious new set of initiatives to preserve and promote local history.
  • Our Museum-for-a-Day at the New Leaf Tea Room, in cooperation with the Library’s Candlelight House Tour, is a rare opportunity to share some of the HSR’s seldom seen historical treasures with the community.
  • A State of the Website 11 months and 50 blog posts after our website reset last January invites readers to visit, and comment at
  • Members received an insert form with which they can renew their membership for 2012 and possibly choose to make a donation toward the special projects agenda set forth in Marking Time in Riverton: Preserving and Promoting Local History.     
  • Click here to view #146_Gaslight_News_Nov11  
  • Click here to view 2012 membership dues and contribution form (two forms printed on one side of paper)

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John McCormick

Former teacher at Riverton School, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member, website and newsletter editor

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