Cape May & Wildwood, NJ Images

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John McCormick

Teacher at Riverton School 1974-2019, author, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member 2007-2023, newsletter editor 2007-2023, website editor 2011-2023

3 thoughts on “Cape May & Wildwood, NJ Images”

  1. Nice selection of postcard images. I have hundreds of PC’s from Wildwood and Cape May and I am always amazed at seeing PC’s I do not have. Happy Hunting! Thanks!

  2. Hi, John
    I am glad that you found us. As you may have read on our website, almost all of the scans you have enjoyed seeing here are the result of the kindness of friends, acquaintances, and even some strangers from miles away who have kindly shared their collections. The virtual archive you see here grew from a small personal collection and scans taken from some other local collectors so that I could illustrate local history to my middle school history classes. It was a perfect way to show them that Riverton once had trolley and passenger train service as well as ferries and paddlewheel steamer transportation to and from Philadelphia. Many people visit and remark on the joy that reminiscing with scenes of old Stone Harbor, Avalon, Wildwood, and other shore points has recalled. If you have the ability to scan some of your cards I imagine many people would enjoy seeing them. Please follow up if you care to. I have sent you my contact information in a separate email. In any case, best of luck in completing your collection. (we never really do, do we?)
    Best regards,
    John McCormick

  3. Enjoyed the images. My brother and I are researching our parents history. They met in Wildwood in the late 30’s. My father was on the Beach Patrol. My mother worked at the Murray House. Looking for information and/or photographs of the Murray House.

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