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NOTE: Ocean City history enthusiasts and philatelists (those who collect stamps and related postal matter) may enjoy, “The First Air Mail Flights in South Jersey – 1912,” the story of a short-lived experiment in air mail service from August 3-10, 1912 between Ocean City and Stone Harbor, New Jersey. – JMc


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  1. I’m seeking history of Sindia Apartments, Ocean City, NJ, 17th -18th St. & Boardwalk, including K Building & 4 annexes. Our family rented these apts. 1960’s-1980’s. Alas, the complex was torn down starting in 1987 or 1988. What year were the Sindia Apts. built? Berger Realty had handled the reservations.

    1. Hi, Carolyn
      We only have these vintage postcard images to display – no further info on the Sindia Apts. Maybe another website visitor will see your question.
      John McCormick, Editor

      1. Thanks, John. Those photos are fabulous!
        I’m also seeking Ocean City NJ Vacation Guides from 1963 to1973; 1980-1981. (I already have 1974 to 1979; 1982.) If you know of any sources, please let me know.


    2. When I was a kid in the 50s I remember walking the beach and portions of the wreck of the Sindia was apparent at low tide. The apartments were almost directly behind the wreck.

    3. 18th and Boardwalk. I stayed there too during the same time frame. I remember pulling into the parking lot, looking ip at the white building with red railings.

  2. I have old pictures of my grandmother Carrie Hays at “Ocean Hall”. Sure it’s gone now but know the Hays family owned much property before the depression. Do you know any background?

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