Riverton Residential Streets

Rev. 3/9/2017: Roger Prichard contributes this scanned album of original photographs in possession of the Riverton Free Library depicting more than 40 extraordinary scenes and portraits taken over several years about 1887.

Many of the scenes in this Lindsay/Fitler album are labeled or recognizable as Riverton, NJ; several are from the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, and one is at Broad and Poplar Streets, Philadelphia.

Within his notes and insightful commentary are links to larger versions of the images. Each, in turn, can yield an enlarged view by clicking on the link under the image.

Click on the thumbnail image at right or on this link for the 1.62MB Word file – Lindsay/Fitler Photo Album and Commentary.

Rev. 3/9/2017: Roger Prichard was not alone in lamenting the loss of another historic structure. The impending demolition of the Clothier Carriage House at 3rd and Main compelled him to photograph the building and provide some historical context before it was gone.

We imply no judgment for the decision to raze the historic structure. The ship sailed for that concern a long time ago.

Click on the thumbnail at right or on the following link for the 1.85MB PDF file – Photos and Commentary on the Clothier Carriage House.

Also on our wishlist is a photo of the building when it was in better condition. Please contact the Society if you can provide a photo or scan.


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