Memorial Day marked by veterans, friends, and family May 27, 2012


Each Memorial Day the men in the honor guard bear the colors and provide the triple volley rifle salute that is part of the pageantry which both uplifts and comforts our spirits on this day of remembrance. Dressed in crisp dress uniforms, they carry out their duties with military discipline, and help us remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all. Certainly, the ceremony would not be the same without the presence of these warriors who now volunteer to serve their country again by performing this service as well as performing at final graveside honors for deceased veterans.

Please add a caption or tag to any photo (by photo number) in the comment box, or send us a longer comment by email if you can tell our readers about these dedicated men of the honor guard who so generously gave of their time to participate in Riverton’s Memorial Day ceremony.

Riverton’s War Memorial drew many veterans and their friends and family on Sunday morning to remember and honor military personnel who served the United States of America. Some came to support one of the fourteen new names that were added to the Honor Roll as a result of a recent change in the eligibility requirement. Details are on the Borough webpage.

Names added Sunday include:

Armand J. Bianchini Joseph A. Creighton, Jr. Robert I. Heck
George E. Horner Jr. Donald R. Hubbs Elwood C. Johnson
John S. Latimer Joseph Matera Bryan H. Norcross
Frank C. Quattrocchi Richard W. Schwering Monroe O. Steedle
Donald R. Taylor Thomas C. Whitelock

If you can supply any details about a photo, do so in the comment box and include the number of the photo. For example, Mayor Bill Brown is pictured in #14.

The Riverton Honor Roll Album has been updated to include these names, but we would very much like to also display a service photo for as many veterans as we can. Kindly send a scan of the veteran named on the Honor Roll and we will include the photo in the next update of the album. – John McCormick, Gaslight News editor

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