New Military and Veterans Affairs Committee formed; HSR Vet page updated

If you saw the last page of the February Gaslight News you read that we added several photos of service personnel to the Riverton Honor Roll Album. At the Plum Run performance this past Friday, one of the spectators handed off to me the latest acquisition –  a wallet-sized photo of a 17-year-old Marine. Who knew way back then that the young man would be Mayor of Riverton in 2012?

One of the first official acts of the newly elected Mayor and Borough Council in January was the passing of RESOLUTION 12-12 which authorizes the establishment of The Riverton Military and Veterans Affairs Committee with the designation of Robert E. Smyth as chair of this committee.

Look for Mayor William C. Brown, Jr. and perhaps some others you might know in the Riverton Honor Roll Album – The Historical Society of Riverton’s salute to honor those men and women of Riverton who have served their country in time of war. 

This last update is a 54-slide 50MB PowerPoint so give it a few moments to load. You’ll need the free PowerPoint viewer to see it. If any member has difficulty seeing this, please advise and I will help.

It has a full list of all names on the Riverton War Memorial as of Feb. 2012 and displays photos of about 70 personnel (so far), newspaper clippings, posters, periodical advertisements, and memorabilia. Names of persons for whom we have photos have are indicated with an asterisk. If you can supply us with a scan of someone already on the list, we’ll display the photo in the next update. We welcome submissions of scans of other remembrances for inclusion in our virtual online scrapbook.

If you can suggest your own name or someone else’s to be included on the Memorial, please see the instructions below.

The eligibility is as follows: Any present or former resident of the Borough of Riverton, living or deceased, who served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, during a time of war, is eligible to have their name placed on the memorial.

Proof of eligibility: DD-214 (discharge papers) or a copy of your military orders. Submit proof of eligibility to the Riverton Military & Veterans Affairs Committee.

Interested parties who would like to serve on this committee should contact Mayor Wm. C. Brown, Jr. or Robert E. Smyth through contact info you can find on the Riverton Borough webpage.

And please check your own family albums and scrapbooks to see if there is something in there that you could share with other Rivertonians across the miles – and across the years. – John McCormick, Gaslight News editor



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  1. When the memorial was started, my name was not included. I served in the USN reserves from March 1945 to December 1945. I then joined the USN until Nnovember 1947. I have discharge papers etc.

    1. Mr. Taylor: We are happy to display the list and photos honoring veterans on our website but you need to apply to Mayor Brown at JYD9168@VERIZON.NEt or Robert E. Smyth at BOBSMYTHNJ@AOL.COM I sent a message to your regular email acct. Let me know if you need more help. Best regards, John McCormick

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