Veterans Day 2012 – Riverton honors veterans; adds seven names to Honor Roll

Mayor William Brown and Robert Smyth preside over Riverton Veterans Day ceremonies on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012.

With their customary precision, perhaps a result of their own past military service, Riverton’s Mayor William Brown and Robert Smyth, Chairman of  Riverton’s Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, completed another mission of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, which formed in January: to honor the servicemen and women from the borough.

American Legion Post 146 of Riverside and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3020 of Delran lent a hand in honoring their comrades.


They presided over a brief but heartfelt Sunday morning tribute to America’s military personnel that added seven names to Riverton’s War Memorial Honor Roll.

Elton Catoe – Navy Donald D’Amato – Air Force Alfred W. DeVece – Navy
Paul M. Hoad – Army George A. Mack – Navy William Ulrich – Army 
  Anthony R. Wellens – Navy
Young men and women of Riverside High School ROTC presented the colors.

Jeannie O’Sullivan, Burlington County Times Staff Reporter, filed this affecting story  at  in which she interviewed Mayor Brown, Bob Smyth, George Mack and others. Jeannie has covered such events in Riverton before, and her writing always manages to convey to her readers the humanity we share with those whom she profiles.

L. to R. Mayor Bill brown, Jeff Mack, and his dad, George A. Mack

Reading her story and seeing her photos, one must admire the veterans and the earnest young men and women of the ROTC for their devotion to their country and comrades and for helping a neighboring town celebrate Veterans Day.

The glass of the Riverton War Memorial reflects the faces of veteran George Mack and his son, Jeff, as they inspect the list of names within the showcase.

Mayor Bill Brown and former Borough Councilman Bob Smyth have for some time championed the cause to support  current military personnel and veterans. Part of that support takes the form of publicly acknowledging and recognizing the service and sacrifice of our veterans on the Riverton War Memorial’ Honor Roll.

Their reward has been seeing the joy on the faces of Mr. George A. Mack and his family, and more than sixty other Riverton residents who have had their names added to the War Memorial since May 2011.


Members of Riverside High School ROTC attend to the colors

We acknowledge the efforts of Borough leadership to include in its recognition at this Memorial the service of all Riverton residents who served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States of America during a time of war. 

We gratefully say  “thank you” to Mr. George A. Mack and to all of America’s veterans, to let them know that we appreciate them for their service and honor them for their sacrifices.

Please help add to our expanding Riverton Veterans Honor Roll Album PowerPoint Slideshow (58MB) if you have a service photo or news clipping for a veteran listed within, or some other item related to Riverton’s home front.  – John McCormick, Gaslight News editor

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