Only 2 shopping days until Christmas

GN nast-santa-clause mug squareWell, that’s right if you only count tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 13 and next Sunday, the 20th, for your chance to buy a mug with vintage hometown images from our archives.

It seems that every shopper has a story to go with the mug they choose.

Nancy Hall recalls riding the train into Philadelphia to go to Pierce Business School. Hubby, Bill, wants a Japanese beetle mug.

I will put that on the wish list. Along with one – or more – about Dreer’s Nursery. I do love a project.

Everyone seems to have a favorite RYC mug (there are several variations on that theme).

Other Riverton landmarks include the Porch Club, Main Street, Golf Club, War Memorial, and more.

Vintage postcard views of Riverside, Palmyra, and Moorestown ornament mugs for our neighboring towns.

031 How Riverton's Glorious Fourth Started
031 How Riverton’s Glorious Fourth Started

On a recent foray down to the RFL catacombs, Deb Lengyel suggested I make a July 4th mug.

Here’s a prototype – what do you think?

The central image, displayed here, which came from an old postcard owned by Nick Mortgu, shows the parade marching toward the riverbank.

Other mugs display images contributed, at least virtually, by Betty Hahle, Ed Gilmore, myself, and others. Dick Paladino’s RYC photo, displayed here, is the centerpiece for mugs #8 and #11. Several images are from a huge batch of postcards Deb Lengyel scanned for me in 2005, that belonged to an eBay seller.

My favorites are the ones based on maps. I bought a single page of an 1876 atlas on eBay a while back and turned that into mug #9. Phyllis Rodgers’ hand colored of an 1890 map Riverton is the basis for mugs #3, #10, and #30.

The point is, many hands over a long time have contributed to this enterprise that is only just becoming available now.

We have now caught up to Baskin-Robbins.

You know, with the 31 flavors. The “31 flavors” slogan was thought up to convey to customers they could have a different flavor every day of the month.

While we do not have every design on hand, we do still have a good choice of about 30 mugs from which to choose.

See the latest mug shot poster on our STORE page.

I will be at the Riverton Free Library used book sale from 1-3 if you want to come by to shop, or just tell a story.

Wait. I just found out Baskin-Robins has actually introduced more than 1,000 flavors. Do you have an idea for mug #32? – JMc

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