You won’t find these gifts at Macy’s

gibson girl mug thought (Copy)Need a gift idea? We have about 35 mugs  featuring vintage images from our archives on hand and ready to go. See the samples in this earlier post.

I just sent in another order for shoppers who stopped in today at the Riverton Library’s used book sale. I will set up shop again next Sunday, Dec. 13, and again on Sunday, Dec. 20.

Questions? Call 856-764-1551 or contact me by email.

If you have never ventured below stairs at the Library, come see a work in progress. We must get materials properly stored and catalogued. Then we can work out how to best display things. I do not have a timetable on when we would be open for visitors – there is still so much left to do.

Speaking of “left to do”… look for the November Gaslight News with a form enclosed for paying 2016 dues closer to Christmas. So make that a December Gaslight News.

What can I say – people are busy. – JMc

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