Better late than never – Two Riverton Walking Tours available

1989 Riverton Walking Tour pamphlet

Lenore Probsting provided the hand-drawn illustrations to accompany Louise Vaughn‘s and Betty Hahle’s text for the first Walking Tour of Historic Riverton in 1981. They revised it in 1989.

The informative and straightforward double-sided leaflet guided hundreds of visitors and residents for over thirty years in their exploration of the history and architecture of our village. (See the entire printable copy here.)

Walking Tour #1, 2012, revised 2021

The HSR shall be forever grateful for the pioneering historical research of Riverton and the preservation efforts of those early members of our organization.

In 2012, the Society made available the first of two new Riverton Walking Tours.  The idea was to make two individual loop routes that added together would total more than the original 27 stops.

The first one covered 17 stops on a route that started at Broad and Main, went toward the river along Main to Third Street, turned right to Howard, and finished back where it started.

The intention was to produce a second Riverton Walking Tour that would go along Bank Avenue, circle back along Carriage House Lane to Penn Street, to Third, and finally along Main back to Bank Avenue.

To say that we got stalled is an understatement.

Nine years later we can offer two Riverton Walking Tours comprised of 17 and 24 stops respectively. Together they encompass an area from Broad Street to the Delaware River.

Library display

Folks can now view each Riverton Walking Tour online, download printable copies, or pick up one of a limited number of hard copies available at Riverton Free Library, Tillie’s Trinkets & Treasures, and Nellie Bly’s for a one dollar donation.


Riverton Walking Tour No.1 -download printable 2.47MB PDF  rev:11/2022

Riverton Walking Tour #2- download printable 2.17MB PDF rev:11/2022

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  1. Now is an especially great time to walk and see how our neighbors have preserved as well as reimagined our town. Thank you for your expanded and updated guide to our local house histories!

    1. Thanks, Norm. Many hands helped on this one. Plus I plagiarized the heck out of Betty Hahle’s original and Bill Washington’s book. 😉

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