February 8, 2024 Program

No place is more iconic to Riverton’s image! Join us for a free program chock full of images and stories about the historic Riverton Yacht Club, now entering its 160th year on our riverfront. Includes some super never-before-seen photos recently donated to HSR by Stephen Biddle Russell, a great-great-grandson of Riverton founder Robert Biddle (whose house still stands at 309 Bank).

And because everyone has been curious about the huge rebuilding project of the pier last year, we’ll have exclusive close-up photos and video of what problems needed to be solved and how that was done.

Everyone is welcome!

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Roger Prichard

Roger is a board member of the Historical Society of Riverton, the Borough Historian, and the researcher and author of most of HSR's historical interpretive markers.

5 thoughts on “February 8, 2024 Program”

  1. I hope y’all watched Antique Road Show from Alaska. A man had a tankard from 1904. And on it was – 2nd place yacht race winner from Riverton Yacht Club. Such a surprise to see that.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tom – yes, indeed, several members have mentioned that, which sent our artifacts team to our inventory and we find that HSR has in its collection another tankard FROM THE SAME REGATTA! How’s that for a small world? Ours is the first place from the same race, believe it or not. Thanks!

    1. We haven’t done that before, but were thinking of having Zoom running anyway in order to make a video of the presentation so it should be feasible to just make it live. Thanks for the nudge, we’ll see what we can do. Planning on posting a reminder a few days in advance and if we know we can do it then, will include a link in that post.

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