Greetings, and welcome to the Historical Society of Riverton's website for our town, founded in 1851, by a group of ten Philadelphians for summer homes for their families. Displayed within its scant square mile area of Victorian-flavored neighborhoods and gaslamp-lined streets are more than 150 years of American architectural styles. More than half of Riverton's buildings are included in the State and National Directories of Historic Places.

Here is the venerable Porch Club, birthplace of the PTA; Riverton Yacht Club, one of the oldest and still active yacht clubs in the country; the beloved Riverton Public School which just turned one hundred; treasured churches and other institutions, as well as businesses and a hometown to almost 3,000 proud Rivertonians.

Our masthead banner, derived from a delightful folk art painting by Riverton author and artist, Anne Knight Ruff, evokes the charm and vitality of our richly historic borough and serves as your invitation to explore it further with us.

Don’t give trashy things

Christmas Don'ts, New Era, Dec. 13, 1912, p3.

Christmas Don’ts, New Era, Dec. 13, 1912, p3.

No trashy things here.

Just lots of mugs with nostalgic reminders of Riverton, Palmyra, Riverside, and Moorestown.

Just closed up shop at the RFL used book sale. Like the proverbial hotcakes, the mugs are selling, and I am getting orders for more.

A previously placed order for 37 (about half already spoken for) may be here by next Sunday, Nov. 29.  I will return then to the catacombs of the RFL with more mugs.

mugs to go

mugs to go

I still cannot thank anyone here by name for shopping with us because it is clear that Santa’s helpers are out in force early this year and we do not want to spoil surprises.

I can say that even with making 28 variations of mugs, someone always has another idea to suggest – like a vintage Fourth of July mug.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Would a duster sailboat mug sell?

Have you another idea for a mug that would feature vintage imagery from our extensive image archive?

That huge image archive is the result of people making donations of actual postcards and photos to the Society, some eBay auction purchases on my part, as well my begging local history enthusiasts since 2007 for scans of their treasured collections. Such a number have obliged that our virtual acquisitions now far exceed our real collection. We can always use more.

FYI – available mug colors are light blue, blue, pink, red, white, black.

The HSR sincerely thanks all who have purchased our mugs. You know who you are.

Look for a late Nov/early Dec Gaslight News with a form included for paying your 2016 membership dues. – JMc

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Fresh mugs at RFL Sunday afternoon 1-3

28 mugs

28 mugs

Just this short note to tell you that I will be at the used book sale  on Sunday from 1-3pm at Riverton Library with mugs to sell.

Just received 17 mugs and more are on the way. Those ordered the night of Maggie Worsdale’s performance (Nov. 17)will arrive later in November. – JMc

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Mrs. Washington and mugs at RFL Tues. night

Maggie Worsdale - Martha Washington publicity flyerFor one night only, Tuesday, November 17, international performing and recording artist, cabaret and jazz singer, actress, and producer Maggie Worsdale brings her one-woman show to Riverton Free Library as she becomes Martha Dandridge Custis Washington.

Be there before 7pm, and we will have on display the mugs mentioned in the post of Nov. 9.

When I found out that the RFL was having its usual Sunday afternoon used book sale in the basement I decided to set up a card table just inside our new space and offer those mugs for sale.

I had about 28 mugs, mostly all different prototype designs I was trying out featuring vintage images from our extensive archive. You can make out a Riverside, a Moorestown, and a Palmyra mug amongst the Riverton cups.

I sold ten and got an order for 14. The result was encouraging enough that I will go back next Sunday and try again.

Santa reads GN (779x768)I can’t say who came or what they bought.

Let’s just say Santa has sworn me to secrecy.

I ordered another bunch more today, but delivery is not expected until the end of November.

Rosemary Hutchins HSR mug

Rosemary Hutchins HSR mug

One of them will be this one featuring a beautiful watercolor by artist Rosemary Hutchins that we gave out at our Second Annual Daniel Campbell Riverton Awards Night last April.

What would you like to see put on a mug? – JMc

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Thank a Vet – See you at the Riverton Memorial Nov. 11

operation appreciation 2015This just in from Mayor Bill Brown:

The Veterans Day Observance at the recently restored Riverton War Memorial will include placing the name Richard W. Baskin USMC, Vietnam, on the Honor Roll  displayed there.

Also am passing along word that on Veterans Day, this Wednesday, Nov. 11, Riverton School continues its tradition of recognizing veterans with a coffee reception 8:30-9:30am, followed by a ceremony in the gym, although I cannot confirm finding any mention of it on the RPS website.

Members of Riverside VFW Post 3020 shall act as standard bearers at the Riverton War Memorial between 10:30 and 11:00 am, as they have so often done. Riverton will be one of several stops that day to other memorials along these riverfront towns in which they perform their duties.

You don’t have to have a computer to join in OPERATION APPRECIATION 2015 – just thank a veteran for their service, or demonstrate it in a bigger way.  We certainly owe so much to veterans, past and present.

The eligibility explanation and simple application procedure for those wishing to have a veteran’s name included on the Memorial are on the Borough website,

With more names having been added by the Riverton Military & Veterans Affairs Committee since 2011, and the replacement of new plaques for the first ones, the HSR is to be entrusted with the safekeeping of the original plaques.

Please know that the Historical Society desires to add service photos of Riverton veterans to our own online Riverton Veterans Album. Have a look – you might see someone you know.  – JMc

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Riverton Mug Shots

mug shots

#5 Riverton passenger train station

#5 Riverton passenger train station

Guess you heard that the planned Candlelight House Tour had to be cancelled for this year.

So the pressure is off for us to coincide the début opening of our space in the basement of the Riverton Free Library with that popular RFL fundraiser.

We had hoped to make available our new keepsake mugs during the House Tour. Each ceramic mug holds 11 oz., is dishwasher safe, and displays a wrap-around image from our archives.

So now our Plan B is to get down to the next used book sale on Sunday, 1-3 pm to see if anyone wants to buy a mug for $15.

Either that, or our own modest fundraiser starts out 2016 in the red.

I made a lot of mugs. – JMc

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