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With no meetings or presentations for the past several months and with none on the horizon, board members of the Historical Society of Riverton have been reorganizing and cataloging the multitude of items in our archives.

No, that’s not our stuff; that’s a secret archive at the Vatican.

Keith Betten Feb.19, 2020

Here’s Archives Committee Chairperson, Keith Betten wrestling our shelving into place in the basement of the Riverton Free Library last February. We are using it to store our collections of documents, books, photos, objects, maps, vintage clothing, and other such historical records.

Some people binge Netflix; you might say that we binge the collection and preservation of artifacts.

Riverton School class photos

“Riverton Organizations” is one of the twelve major Record Groups developed by the Archives Committee from the many, varied documents collected by the Historical Society of Riverton over the course of the past fifty years. Within that group are subgroups, such as “Riverton School,” and within that are more categories.

Among the many items coming to light from doing this inventory and cataloging are a number of folders of Riverton School photos.

Mrs. Mabel Kloos, July 4th Parade 2010, John Kloos at the wheel
Tracey and Nancy Brown, 2010 parade

I have scanned Riverton School class photos before. The last time was when I helped Mrs. Mabel Kloos prepare a History of Riverton School presentation for the school’s 100th birthday.

However, there are some fantastic photos in these folders that didn’t make it into that presentation.

Here is a taste. This series of small photos captures a May Day history pageant showing milestones in Riverton’s history, year unknown. Can a car buff date any of the automobiles in the photos, know when Mrs. Bush taught, or recognize anyone?

Click on any image for a larger view. There is room below each photo to leave a comment. Click through two more times for the largest view.

Please contact us if you have something to give or loan for the archives.

Until the next dive into our archives… JMc, Editor

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