July 3 at 3:49pm pix from Gary Weart

Gary Weart’s genuine affection for Riverton and its Glorious Fourth of July celebration is apparent in this next collection of photos. The moments captured in these phenomenal photos moved 365 people to view them on Facebook.

Asked what photo gear he used to produce these memorable images, Gary replied, ” IPhone XI. Have discarded the ole Nikon.”

That settles it – I might as well throw away my Sony Alpha. I can’t top these.

You can hear the exuberance in his remarks that accompanied Gary’s visual love letter to Riverton.

July 3 3:49pm
Highlights from the 124th Children’s Parade in Riverton, NJ. The weather cooperated and we had temperatures that were perfectly mild and even some unexpected sunshine. The South Philadelphia String Band is always a highlight and they were in full costume! Love the Scottish bagpipers, from the Philadelphia Emerald Society Pipe Band, too! Lots of runners before the parade and the route was lined with many folks happy to see the return of the festivities in “Main Street USA!” Enjoy! Happy Birthday America!


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