12th Annual Historic Riverton Criterium, Sunday June 11th!

Carlos Rogers captured the interest of the Historical Society of Riverton in 2011 when he christened his inaugural bicycling competition, the Historic Riverton Criterium. The 12th Annual HRC returns Sunday, June 11.

From the HRC website, rivertoncriterium.com: Since 2011, the Historic Riverton Criterium has been committed to promoting a premier cycling event while supporting Riverton and its surrounding communities by making financial contributions to various organizations and individual causes. To date, the HRC has awarded over $40,000. The HRC is a NJ nonprofit 501(c)3.

We have been fans ever since. Here is a Greatest Hits list of posts published here about this wonderful event.

Bicycle Races – Past, Present, and Hopefully, Future

Anticipation Builds Toward Return of Historic Riverton Criterium Sunday, June 10, 2012

It’s win-win-win as the HRC brings family-fun, prizes for athletes, and aids the RFCo.

Historic Riverton Criterium enters pages of Riverton history

In its third year, the Historic Riverton Criterium is now an official Riverton tradition

Carlos Rogers made Riverton history again June 8, 2014

Many hands contribute to the success of the fifth Historic Riverton Criterium

Gear up, Rivertonians. The Great Riverton Cycling Weekend looms

19th century style Girl Power

The HSR sends a heartfelt Thank-You to Carlos Rogers

June Bicycle Weekend Update

Bicycles Then & Now Program traces bicycle history and heralds June Bicycle Weekend

Historical markers help preserve Riverton’s unique heritage

The 9th Annual HRC is just a month away

9th Annual HRCriterium needs race marshals next Sunday

Speaking of women cyclists…

Historic Riverton Criterium includes women’s races

Click to access 180_Gaslight_News_May_2019.pdf

Historic Riverton Criterium needs sponsors’ financial support

Click to access 181-Gaslight-News-Oct-19-rev.pub_.pdf

No tricks; the treats are on us

The HRC returns – is it a sporting match or a philanthropic endeavor? Emphatically YES!

Keep up with the latest developments on the HRC Facebook page. -JMc










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