The vessel Sindia, wrecked at Ocean City, NJ 1901

Anyone who ever visits Ocean City has to come away wondering, “Who or what is this Sindia and what is all the fuss about.”

The locals and the returning summer renters seem be in on it, but what is the deal? The signs are everywhere!

Well, here is the deal from an avid postcard collector and longtime admirer of “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”

Harlan Radford provides this vintage pictorial essay (16MB PDF) about Ocean City, New Jersey’s most acclaimed unexpected visitor from 1901, along with the following gallery of Sindia related images from his collection.

Two works of historical fiction featuring the Sindia
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Sindia, The Final Voyage






The Sindia Promise





Wreck Sindia when it first came ashore

Added 10/3/2022: If one collects Sindia-themed postcards and one happens across one more that is only slightly different from the several dozen that one already owns, what does one do?

You buy it, of course!


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic review of the Ocean City” Sindia” – wonderful photo’s including the young years of the writer – thank you for such a beautiful presentation. I read and viewed it with a grateful heart. Warm memories of his childhood.

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