Gaslight News – February 2016

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    Durborow, Evening Public Ledger, Feb 2, 1920 (1884x1461)
    Evening Public Ledger, Feb 2, 1920

    This looks like some February fun. February 1920, that is. Imagine zooming around on the Delaware ice by the Riverton Yacht Club in one of those crafts! Products of the inventive Hollingsheads, they even named the sailing rig on the left “The Whiz” after the trademarked line of household and automobile products that the R.M. Hollingshead company manufactured. Richard M. Hollinghead Jr, son of the founder, rose to the position of chairman of the board in the family business, but the world knows him better for his invention of another source of classic family fun – the drive-in movie.

  • See two program announcements and read our thank-you notes.

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Gaslight News – December 2015

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GN Santa animatedThis somewhat delayed Gaslight News arrives in the nick of time to share with your visiting friends and family over the Holidays.




  • Inside this GN, read Paul W. Schopp’s 3rd installment of his serial article, “Digging Up History in Riverton.”
  • Get a review of our trip to Kenneth Frank’s Japanese beetle lecture at the Academy of Natural Science.
  • Read the recap of Maggie Worsdale’s Nov. 17 performance as Martha Washington.
  • Find the enclosed 2016 Membership and Annual Appeal Form

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Gaslight News – April 2015

  • 160_Gaslight_News_Apr15 snapshotInside this issue read about the expanded Preservation Awards Night April 16 and the exciting potential of our new space in the Library.
  • Learn of the 5th Grade Town Research Project
  • Get a recap of the Antique $ Appraisal Event
  • Review 150 years of Riverton School history
  • Part 2 of Paul Schopp’s “Digging Up History” will be in the next issue.

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Gaslight News – January 2015

  • 159_Gaslight_News_Jan15 snapshotTown Historian Paul W. Schopp delves into the recent discovery of skeletal remains in Riverton and finds history repeating itself in Part One 0f a two-part article, Digging Up History in Riverton.
  • HSR Combined Board/General Meeting at Riverton School, Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Antique & Collectible Fair, March 28
  • Proposed changes to HSR Constitution and Bylaws
  • Catch up on old news and coming attractions in Various and Sundry Items

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Gaslight News – November 2014

  • 158_Gaslight_News_Nov14 snapshotInside this issue read “Summering in Riverton,” the feature story that tells about the Lawn House and other boarding houses of the late 1800s-early1900s.
  • Paul Daly retires  after serving 28 years as HSR treasurer
  • Mayor Brown carves a new staff for July 4th
  • We recap Bob Gleason’s October Poe presentation
  • A  form for paying membership dues is included in the envelope

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Gaslight News – March 2014

  • 156_Gaslight_News_Mar14 snapshotInside this issue read about a special Historical Society of Riverton Preservation Award Night coming on April 10, 2014, at The Porch Club.
  • Actor/historian Bob Gleason’s performance as Abraham Lincoln helped the Society celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday at a special Feb. 12 meeting at The Bank on Main.
  • An March 2 Downton Abbey Inspired Tea with Alisa DuPuy at the New Leaf Tea Room benefited the HSR  and chased away members’ winter blahs.
  • Rob Gusky’s study of Riverton’s cycling legacy prompts him to organize The Historic Riverton Century ride from NYC to Riverton this June.
  • We hope a review of some recent website posts encourages some members receiving the print edition of the newsletter to look us up on the Internet.
  • The editor confesses to missing dozens of website feedbacks from readers over the past year.

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Gaslight News – January 2014

  • 155_Gaslight_News_Jan14 snapshotInside this issue read about a special general meeting Feb. 12, 2014, at The Bank on Main celebrating President Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday with actor/historian Bob Gleason.
  • See what you missed at the Dec. 7 Museum for a Day at the New Leaf.  Riverton School Third Graders enjoyed a visit, too.
  • Alisa DuPuy channels Lady Violet at a Downton Abbey Inspired Tea benefiting the HSR March 2 at the New Leaf Tea Room.
  • We acknowledge the many ways in which members support the Society.
  • Have You Seen This? – a website recap.
  • Who’s that sailor on the last page? His photo joins others in our Riverton Veterans’ Album.
  • Enclosed 31 dues reminders with this newsletter. For our small membership, that’s about 20% of the group. Support from members like you determines the kind of Society we are to be.

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