Gaslight News – April 2019

  • When Jason Cioci asked about the history of the building in which his business, Riverton Health & Fitness, is located, he set us off on a project. Read the results here in our feature article about the Collins Building.
  • History repeats itself as the Historic Riverton Criterium returns June 9
  • April meeting recap: S.R.O. at RFL for Campbell’s Soup presentation
  • We welcome new members and acknowledge donations
  • Arbor Day 2019, RPS students plant a tree and mark sacrifice of WWI soldiers
  • If you found value here and wish to support the mission of the Society, please print and mail in a  2019 Membership Dues Form with your $25 check or use the PayPal button at left to make a donation in any amount.

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(Note: Original mailed copies were numbered #178 instead of #179. Error is fixed on this online file.)

Gaslight News – February 2019

  • HSR will install two more historical markers at 309 and 311 Bank Avenue
  • A Debt Owed: Society serves a critical role in preserving the historical record
  • President Wm. C. Brown outlines upcoming events: Board Meeting Feb. 27 with Archives Status Report followed by a Board strategy session and “Campbell’s: More Than Just Soup.” presentation by Marisa Bozarth, March 12 
  • Like Brigadoon, our museum comes for a day, then disappears
  • Inside the mailing envelope is a 2019 Membership Dues Form

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Gaslight News – November 2018

  • Memories of the Cinnaminson Home are all that remain of the historic building that stood at 1410 Riverton Road. Many hyperlinks connect to the primary sources used to research this article.
  • The Society observes Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11.  The Riverton Veterans Affairs Committee honors six servicemen and four nurses who served in WWI and flies the new K.I.A. flag for the first time in Riverton.
  • The RFL sponsored Candlelight House Tour returns Dec. 1, 2018, and the Society participates by displaying for the public some our rarely seen items.
  • Look for a 2019 Membership Form in this issue, or download one online. Members’ dues support the Society’s mission to preserve Riverton’s unique legacy. 

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Gaslight News – September 2018

  • Summer Reruns…, our cover story, reprises recent website and Facebook posts so members without computers can catch up on things published since the last newsletter.
  • President Bill Brown looks at the year ahead.
  • See a recap of Dr. Daisy Century’s dramatic one-woman performance of “Meet Harriet Tubman” at last April’s HSR meeting.
  • Save the Date for several HSR sponsored activities through 2018. The next meeting is at Riverton Library at 7pm on September 26. Carol Simon Levin will present The Life of Jeannette Rankin, America’s first female member of the US Congress in 1917.
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving summarizes progress on the Historical Marker Program and acknowledges Carlos Rogers for funding this effort.
  • Thank You Notes acknowledge new members and express appreciation for gifts and contributions.
  • Look for a 2019 Membership Form in the November issue. Members’ dues support the Society’s mission to preserve Riverton’s unique legacy. 

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Gaslight News – April 2018

  • Mrs. Helen Hughes outlines the process that led to the dramatic change she made to the exterior of the Charles Miller Biddle Mansion over the past year.
  • See a recap of basketball legend Valerie Still’s presentation, and read blurbs about upcoming Harriet Tubman and Arbor Day events.
  • Learn how Roger Prichard and others brought our latest interpretive marker to completion placed it to help viewers imagine how the great Columbia steamship looked docked at Riverton Yacht Club
  • HSR President Bill Brown provides a list with names of six veterans whose names will be added to the Riverton War Memorial Honor Roll during the Memorial Day Observance on May 27.

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Gaslight News – January 2018

  • An updated history of Riverton Free Library is the subject of  History Sleuths Uncover Library History by Roger Prichard and Patricia Solin.
  • See a recap of Neill Hartley’s portrayal of Woodrow Wilson in President Visits Riverton.
  • Under Miscellany, we remind readers of Sandy Marrone’s presentation on sheet music and that it is time to renew HSR dues. More details on February’s Still Family History by Valerie Hill will follow when available. We thank members for donations and summarize several website and Facebook posts.

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The link above leads to a revised issue. Mailed issues had an error in the left column on page 2 about the address and map location of Burlington County Clerk’s Office that is now correct in this version.

Gaslight News – November 2017

  • This summer’s photo of Riverton Yacht Club framed by a wildflower riot of color inspired this issue’s feature article about Richard Barclay, a Riverton resident who devoted his life’s work to bees.
  • Society President William C. Brown updates members about recent developments.
  • Susan Dechnik recaps the September meeting held at 503 Bank Avenue.
  • On November 16 at Riverton Library at 7 pm, we present Woodrow Wilson and the Great War, by Neill Hartley.
  • Former resident Michael Grossman describes how he explored a backyard trash pit at his former Main Street residence.
  • Sandy Marrone shares her massive vintage sheet music collection at the January 17 meeting at 7 pm at Riverton Library.
  • Look in the mailing for a form for 2018 dues, also available here.

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Gaslight News – September 2017

  • In Ogdens Visit Clothier Home, Mary Louise and Ken Smith inform us of their Bank Avenue home’s rich history, host Ogden descendants, and erect a historical marker on the property.
  • The Smiths will host our first meeting of the 2017-2018 season on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at 7 pm in their home at 503 Bank Avenue.  The couple will present a Living History presentation on first owner Caleb Clothier and Riverton’s first Mayor, Edward Ogden, and his wife Sarah with a tour of the home’s basement. Reservations are required. Limited to first 30 registrants. Please RSVP by September 15 to Mary Louise at 609-304-5987 or email
  • Changing of the Guard introduces HSR President Bill Brown.
  • In his President’s Message, Bill Brown highlights Society plans and underscores his interest in recognizing Riverton’s veterans of the US Armed Forces in time of war.
  • Summer Recap updates readers on what posts they may have missed on our website,
  • Thank-You Notes expresses our gratitude for several donated items.
  • Forms for 2018 dues and contributions will be included with the mailing for the November issue of the Gaslight News.

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Gaslight News – Special Bicycle Weekend Edition – June 2017

This Special Bicycle Weekend Edition heralds the upcoming bicycle events taking place in Riverton this coming weekend, June 10-11, 2017, and reports on their link to Riverton’s late 19th century bicycling legacy.

Much of this Special Edition first appeared in “The Fine Grounds of the Riverton Athletic Association,” by Mrs. Patricia Solin, the feature article in the September 2009 Gaslight News.

Bicyclist from Riverton Bicycle Track photo owned by Mr. Ed Gilmore

Now updated, it includes more information about the Historic Riverton Criterium taking place Sunday, June 11, 2017, the Historic Riverton Century, and bicycling events directed by Cynergy Cycling Club on Saturday, June 10.

Open this PDF file and all of the blue highlighted underlined terms link to more content, such as larger images, newspaper articles, or Facebook and website posts.

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Gaslight News – May 2017

  • In A Grateful Community, Mrs. Patricia Smith Solin explains the Borough’s efforts to memorialize the courage and sacrifice of its hometown members of the armed forces after World War I, and tells how two residents helped conceive the American Legion organization.
  • HSR President Phyllis Rodgers recaps the Society’s upcoming Bicycle Weekend plans, congratulates Colin Cattell, our youngest member, for a winning national civics essay, and invites members to the Annual Meeting.
  • In a stunning coincidence, Barbara Stavely Clauser shares WWI family mementos relevant to Pat Solin’s recent three-part series on Riverton during WWI.

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